• What is the most eco-friendly cat litter?

    Most of us want to reduce our carbon footprint and are looking at ways to reduce waste and our impact on the environment. This is especially true when searching for eco-friendly cat litter. With so many cat litters on the market, it is hard to find a true eco-friendly, sustainable cat litter. It is important […]

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  • What is the best cat litter?

    A term googled by every owner when they get their first cat – what is the best cat litter for my cat? It can be overwhelming which one to choose as there are so many flooding the market, all offering something different. The first thing a cat owner will say to you if you asked […]

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  • Should cats be allowed outside?

    Some people ask ‘should cats be allowed outside?’ and ‘should you keep your cat in the house?’ There is a new cat trend – the catio – a cat enclosure providing cat safety while protecting birds and wildlife. Cats are prolific hunters of wildlife. A study published last year estimated that in the UK alone […]

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