What is the most eco-friendly cat litter?

What is the most eco-friendly cat litter?

13 September 2023
Most of us want to reduce our carbon footprint and are looking at ways to reduce waste and our impact on the environment. This is especially true when searching for eco-friendly cat litter.
With so many cat litters on the market, it is hard to find a true eco-friendly, sustainable cat litter. It is important when researching for a good quality, eco-friendly cat litter that you can find out where it has come from, what material it is made from and why the company can class it as “eco-friendly”.

Wood pellets are a very eco-friendly choice. Especially if they are made in the UK like Kittilitt. They are bio-degradable and natural which means absolutely nothing is added. Kittilitt wood pellet cat litter is made from 100% natural pine wood which has a natural scent, so there’s no need for chemical fragrances to cover up odours. It’s compostable and lasts longer than most other litters, so you don’t have to change it as often.

Eco-Friendly cat litter, Sustainable and Net Zero

Three words you may see a lot, but may not know what they all mean. As Kittilitt is all three, lets be clear:

Sustainability – Quite simply, sustainability means fulfilling current needs without compromising future generations needs.

Eco-Friendly – not harmful to the environment.

Net Zero –  the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) that’s produced and the amount that’s removed from the atmosphere.


We replant EVERY tree we use – and much more! 

Made from virgin spruce pine softwood, Kittilitt pellets originate from sustainable, responsibly-managed Scottish forests. The forests we use have UK felling licences and every tree that is felled, is replanted, typically within 12 months. These trees were planted 20 to 30 years ago as a rotation crop – like wheat or barley but on a much longer cycle. As trees grow older they are not as efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2).
We have the Certification Mark with Unesco’s Biosphere – the only globally recognised ‘badge’ for sustainability. The UNESCO Biosphere has been recognised internationally as a world-class environment for people and nature and aims to value and protect the biological and cultural diversity of the region while promoting environmentally sustainable development. Kittilitt is proud to be a supporter of the Biosphere and its aims.

ECO-FRIENDLY cat litter

All our wood is locally-sourced within 60 miles of our factory. Trees are felled in sustainable Scottish forests – every tree we take away is replaced with many seedlings that replenish the forest.
Remember: no tree is ever cut down for Kittilitt – we use the ‘wobbly bits’ leftover from the forest floor. This means, the logs we use are those that are rejected by the sawmill sector, either due to the size or shape of the timber. Logs that are too skinny, large or bent are scooped up by Kittilitt and put to good use as cat litter.


Our factory is Net Zero – we are powered by our biomass boilers using energy pellets that we produce. This is a highly efficient combined heat and power system. Even our electricity is made from brash collected from the forest floor  – we produce absolutely no waste.
Brash collecting
Brash collecting


In this way, we are completely self-sufficient for all our heat and power requirements, making our pellets the most sustainable product possible.

It also ensures that no fossil fuels are used in our production process and that our pellets have an ultra-low carbon footprint.


We get many questions asking us if you can flush soiled Kittilitt down the toilet – we definitely wouldn’t recommend it! However, as Kittilitt is made from 100% natural wood and we do not add anything, you can put it in a biodegradable bag and bin it. READ our new blog about this… coming soon

Remember – our packaging is recyclable TOO!