How we make Kittilitt

How we make Kittilitt

Kittilitt is made from virgin spruce pine softwood from sustainable Scottish forests.

Our wood is slowly roasted over a few days using our own biomass boilers which extract every milligram of moisture from the finished litter. This unique process retains colour and improves its overall absorbency. You will find that more moisture is absorbed over a longer period of time making Kittilitt the ultimate wood pellet cat litter.

Kittilitt is the greenest cat litter you can buy. Every tree we take away is replaced with many seedlings that replenish the forest.

We plant over a million trees in the UK every year.

Most other pellet litters are imported from eastern Europe and Russia. The majority are made from by-products from sawmills – which means that the pellets are made from unwanted sawdust. Some of this dust will have come from MDF – not ideal, as these dust particles are coated with formaldehyde which is probably carcinogenic.

Clumping cat litter are made from fuller earth clay – typically made of palygorskite or bentonite – which is mined in Europe.