Kittilitt for cats to do their business naturally!
  • Super premium cat litter
    for every day use
  • Pine fresh, low odour
    and hygienic
  • Highly absorbent
  • Fully recyclable and FREE used bag return scheme
  • 100% sustainable, made in the UK and Grown in Britain
  • Dust free


Kittilitt is a super absorbent, non-clumping wood pellet-based cat litter that provides a high-quality and cost-effective litter for your cat. Kittilitt is made in Scotland and we deliver direct to your door. Kittilitt is easy to use, virtually dust free and easy to clean. Any moisture produced by your cat is easily absorbed by Kittilitt making your job a whole lot easier – cleaning your litter tray becomes less of a chore.

Kittilitt is grown in Britain certified

Kittilitt is now *officially* Grown in Britain certified! There is growing emphasis on the importance of knowing where products are grown and produced. 🌲 🪵 Grown in Britain certification encourages and supports active and sustainable management of our own forests and woodlands reducing unnecessary imports.

100% Natural

Kittilitt is a completely natural product offering you a 100% sustainable alternative to other types of cat litter.

Trust us

With a wealth of experience and knowledge in this market, we understand that you need a product that you can rely on. Kittilitt won’t let you or your cats down – It’s for them to do their business… naturally!

quality controlled

Kittilitt is made from environmentally sound, locally-sourced virgin timber, at our very own pellet plant in Scotland. This gives us total quality control – we know where the wood comes from and how the litter is made. We replant all the wood we harvest – and we have a recycling scheme for your used Kittilitt bags.


‘We are very happy and would not use anything other than Kittilitt again.’


Best cat litter I have ever used – less waste and very clean. Murdo loves Kittilitt – he looks just like your logo!’


‘We’ve been looking for litter of this quality for ages and now we have found it! Thank goodness for Kittilitt.’

Gemima's Cattery

‘We use Kittilitt crumb – and our guests love it! It smells pine fresh and there’s never any unpleasant aroma from our litter trays’

Carol's Cattery

‘Great wood litter. Some issues with the order and DPD delivery service however everything was sorted efficiently by Fiona, her customer service was great and she resolved my issues with great communication.’

Bill H

As a huge user of cat litter (c2000kg per month!), Catseye Cattery only use and stock top quality products – that includes our cat litter!

Having tried virtually every wood pellets cat litter brand available on the market, we firmly settled for Kittilitt
…And we love a charitable part too!
Cats Eye Cattery

Your questions answered…

Do I need a litter tray indoors if my cat goes outside?

It is always a good idea to have a litter tray indoors even if your cat does his business outside. This will ensure that in case of an emergency your cat won’t feel bad about relieving himself or herself indoors. There’s nothing worse than finding the corner of a room in your house soaking wet or worse.
In bad weather, your cat or kitten may well prefer to stay indoors even if he or she has a cat flap. And sometimes, there might be a stray cat or other animals in the area who is bullying your cat. This can be very upsetting and he or she might not feel safe going to the toilet outside.
If your cat is sick or injured he might not want to go outside at all – and an older cat just might not feel up to it. If you provide a litter tray you are giving your cat an option and security in knowing it is safe to do their business indoors.

Kittilitt wood pellet cat litter

What type of litter tray should I use?

The type of litter tray you choose depends on you and your cat. It will also depend on the amount of space you can offer. Your cat will prefer a tray that is easy to get into and is large enough for them to turn around.
Most litter trays are rectangular – varying from simple, disposable litter trays made from cardboard to elaborate, automatic devices. We prefer trays made from sustainable materials such as bamboo and starch.
Look for boxes with three sides that are tall enough to prevent your cats’ business from hitting your floor. Wall heights of around 20-30cm are good, but which have a lower entry/exit side to make is easy to get in and out of. This side should ideally be around 12-15cm.
Self-cleaning litter trays are becoming more popular, but the motor noises and vibrations caused by the process can disturb cats and may even deter them from using it.

Kittilitt wood pellet cat litter

Should litter trays be open or have a lid?

Covered litter trays are great for owners but not necessarily for cats.
Many cats like to feel they can see all around them when going to the toilet. They are creatures of flight. When they are doing their business they generally feel vulnerable and in fear of being ambushed. They like to see around them in order to watch out for predators or other cats in the household.
Owners assume that cats prefer to be discreet and private during their business but this is not the case. The only real advantage of the closed litter tray is that it keeps the contents out of sight.

Kittilitt wood pellet cat litter

How big should my litter tray be?

Your cat will want to dig around before it squats. And afterwards, there will be more digging to cover up their business. Therefore, the ideal litter-tray size is one-and-a-half times the length of your cat – from its nose to the base of its tail. This will give your cat enough space to move around freely without restriction.
The minimum recommended size is around 50cm x 40cm.
Remember that not all cats are the same size… giant breeds, such as the Maine Coon are becoming more and more popular. Some of these larger breeds may need a storage container or a garden tray to give them the dimensions they need.
If you are providing a kitten with a litter tray, you should start with a much smaller version but increase it regularly as they grow.

Kittilitt wood pellet cat litter

How much Kittilitt should I put in the tray?

We recommend a depth of around 3cm of Kittilitt – but be aware that when Kittilitt gets wet it will expand! Too much will mean a very full tray which might overflow when your cat has done their business – too little will mean your cat is unable to dig and bury. Your cat will let you know whether they are happy but remember that an overfull tray can lead to lots of litter ending up outside the tray.

Kittilitt wood pellet cat litter

How often should I clean my litter tray?

Ideally, you should spot-clean your cat tray daily, and then replace the litter completely at least once a week. If the tray is left dirty, your cat may prefer to do their business on the floor instead which is not ideal! It is best to wash the litter tray with hot water and mild detergent on a weekly basis. Your vet might recommend a particular antibacterial cleaning product for medical reasons, but please avoid compound disinfectants, such as Phenol and Chloroxylenol, as they are toxic to cats.

cat poo in a scoop

Should I line the litter tray?

Some owners like to use polythene tray liners or newspaper to line the bottom of the litter tray to make them easier to clean. In reality, these tend to leak as your cat might tear or scratch them. If your cat gets its claws caught while they are digging and burying the whole liner could be pulled away and dragged into your house. Not pleasant for you or your cat!

Why is Kittilitt better than other litter?

Kittilitt is made from virgin spruce pine softwood from sustainable Scottish forests. Our wood is slowly roasted over a few days using our own biomass boilers which extract every milligram of moisture from the finished litter. This unique process retains colour and improves its overall absorbency. You will find that more moisture is absorbed over a longer period of time making Kittilitt the ultimate wood pellet cat litter.

Kittilitt pellets

What makes Kittilitt different to other litter?

Kittilitt is the greenest cat litter you can buy. Most other pellet litters are imported from eastern Europe and Russia. The majority are made from by-products from sawmills – which means that the pellets are made from unwanted sawdust. Some of this dust will have come from MDF – not ideal, as these dust particles are coated with formaldehyde which is probably carcinogenic.
Clumping cat litter is made from fuller earth clay – typically made of palygorskite or bentonite – which is mined in Europe.

Sustainable cat litter

Kittilitt or Kittilitt Crumb - what’s the difference?

Original Kittilitt is a much bigger pellet and is very good for bigger cats which need extra absorbency. Kittilitt Crumb, on the other hand, is made from a much smaller particle and is ideal for kittens and smaller paws. Try both – your cat will let you know which they prefer!

kittilitt crumb

How do I order Kittilitt?

You can order your Kittilitt here online or by telephoning 01465 716025 using your payment card. If you prefer to pay BACs then we can arrange this too. We will usually get your Kittilitt to you within 5 working days – often less.

Kittilitt bag

How will my Kittilitt be delivered?

If you are buying single bags we can arrange for these to be left in a place of your choice if you are not at home. If you are buying multiple bags of 8 or more, they will arrive on a pallet. Our delivery lorries have a tail lift and a pallet trolley so that your pallet can be moved into position. The delivery spot will need to be flat and free from gravel. A full pallet is 1m x 1.2m x 1.6m high. If you have any concerns regarding delivery, please see our delivery pdf. If you need a smaller lorry please specify this on ordering. You will be able to add any specific delivery instructions on the ‘buy me’ page.

How much VAT will I pay?

Kittilitt is cat litter therefore our price includes 20 per cent VAT. Companies who offer you 5 per cent VAT option on their pellets for use as cat litter are breaking the law.

How do I store Kittilitt?

Kittilitt should be stored in a dry place where no moisture can get inside – the bags can be stored safely, and uncovered. Your Kittilitt bags are waterproof until they are cut open (each bag does have tiny perforation holes to allow air to escape – the bags would burst when stacked otherwise). Once opened, please keep the bag away from any water source as the pellets will expand to up to three times their volume. If you are buying a pallet of Kittilitt, it will arrive with a waterproof hoodie. If the hood is intact your pallet can be safely stored outside. Once you begin to use your bags, cut open the hood so that you can recover your bags to keep the pallet water-tight.


There is a lot of wood pellet cat litter around - why is Kittilitt the best?

Like flour, sugar and milk, wood pellets are a commodity and, to some people, a wood pellet is a wood pellet no matter where it comes from or whatever it is made out of.
Cheap European and Russian imports have been flooding the market and are now available in the UK. These are mainly used for the energy market so will be subject to just 5 per cent VAT. Knowing the source of your cat litter is increasingly important. Cheap imports can be made from just compressed sawdust which makes the litter highly dusty once it’s broken down. And some pellets are manufactured using extremely high temperatures making the finished pellet brittle.
Kittilitt says:
‘What the wood pellet is made from is highly important. Some woods are a lot harder than others and as a result are far less absorbent – and if they are cooked at too high a temperature they become very dusty as they break down. Kittilitt uses sustainable spruce pine from Scottish forests – which is the best for cat litter… it is soft, highly absorbent and very pale in colour.’

Kittilitt pellets

How do I buy Kittilitt?

We deliver Kittilitt in manageable 10kg bags and Kittilitt Crumb in boxes of 7 litres (3.5kg) or bags of 20 litres (10kg). There are 96 bags in a full pallet; 72 bags in a compact pallet: 48 bags in half a pallet or 24 bags in a quarter pallet – or we can send you single bags. Just call 01465 716025 or 01466 700367 or email sales@kittilitt.co.uk. We will arrange delivery direct to your door within a few days.

Kittilitt product wood pellet cat litter

Is Kittilitt sustainable?

Each 10kg bag of Kittilitt is crammed with perfect little Kittilitt pellets… They were once a mighty Spruce Pine – felled in a sustainable Scottish Forest. Trees that come into our plant are sourced locally and every tree we take away is replaced with many seedlings that replenish the forest. The trees are chopped into logs and taken to our nearby factory in Ayrshire. Within hours, our logs are ground through a mill, powered by our biomass boilers using energy pellets that we produce. This is a highly efficient combined heat and power system. (By the way, our electricity is made from the bark that we peel away from the logs before the whole process begins.) The super soft wood is milled to a fine grain to make it mega-absorbent. The wood is then dried using the same biomass boilers. While the wood is hot, it is squashed tightly and the original resin binds it together to make the marvellous Kittilitt pellets which fluff up into a lovely, rich cat litter. This way the natural antiseptic quality of the pine is retained. The finished pellets are 100% wood – no dust, nothing added and nothing is taken away – and their high density means, ultimately, more pellets to your bag without a milligram of moisture – let your cat produce that!

Kittilitt graphic