About Us

About Us

The Kittilitt factory is based in Girvan, Ayrshire, southwest Scotland. We are a company that believes in sustainability, quality and service. These three core beliefs are the mainstays of our manufacturing process from the raw timber that enters our factory to the cat litter delivered to your door.

Without sustainability, we have no long-term business, therefore we have incorporated raw material, manufacturing and sustainability into everything that we do. We believe that this ensures our customers, cats and kittens a secure and sustainable supply of cat litter for years to come.

Kittilitt has been awarded the only globally recognised Certification Mark for Sustainability for being part of UNESCO’s Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere Reserve which is recognised internationally as a world-class environment for people and nature.

Our raw material comes from forests within 80 miles of the factory. Every tree that is felled, is replanted, typically within 12 months.

The logs we use are those that are rejected by the sawmill sector, either due to the size or shape of the timber. Logs that are too skinny, large or bent are scooped up by Kittilitt and put to good use.

A note on our packaging: we use recycled plastic to make Kittilitt bags and we take back all your used bags. They are brought back to us and made into planters, tubs and troughs to be used again and again.

Our collaboration with Cats Protection is further proof of our commitment to Kittilitt and to the well-being of cats throughout the UK. We make a donation to the charity every time we sell a bag of Kittilitt and in 2021 this amounted to over £3,400.

Kittilitt – for cats to do their business – naturally!