Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere Certification Mark

Sustainability is at the core of our business and Kittilitt is Net Zero. We have been accredited with the UNESCO Biosphere Certification Mark – the only globally recognised sustainability badge.

Each 10kg bag of Kittilitt is crammed with perfect little Kittilitt pellets…

They were once a mighty Spruce Pine – felled in a sustainable Scottish Forest. Trees that come into our plant are sourced locally and every tree we take away is replaced with many seedlings that replenish the forest.

The trees are chopped into logs and taken to our nearby factory in Ayrshire. Within hours, our logs are ground through a mill, powered by our biomass boilers using energy pellets that we produce. This is a highly efficient combined heat and power system. (By the way, our electricity is made from the bark that we peel away from the logs before the whole process begins.)

The super soft wood is milled to a fine grain to make it mega-absorbent. The wood is then dried using the same biomass boilers. While the wood is hot, it is squashed tightly and the original resin binds it together to make the marvellous Kittilitt pellets which fluff up into a lovely, rich cat litter. This way the natural antiseptic quality of the pine is retained.

The finished pellets are 100% wood – no dust, nothing added and nothing is taken away – and their high density means, ultimately, more pellets to your bag without a milligram of moisture – let your cat produce that!

Kittilitt – for cats to do their business… naturally!