What is the best cat litter?

What is the best cat litter?

26 July 2023

A term googled by every owner when they get their first cat – what is the best cat litter for my cat? It can be overwhelming which one to choose as there are so many flooding the market, all offering something different.

The first thing a cat owner will say to you if you asked them; all cats have different preferences. Just like their food, some can be very picky.

So to save you from buying endless bags of cat litter which may only get used once, we have searched the internet for you.

What to consider when choosing your cat litter?

If you have found this blog, you have already started. A simple Google search will bring up some popular brands, but let’s find the correct one for your cat which will make them happy.

There are some questions you should find out first before buying a litter:

Clumping or Non-Clumping?

Clumping litter can be a concern for cat parents if the litter is swallowed. Unfortunately, due to the way they are designed, clumping litters will clog up small tummies if it gets eaten by a cat or kitten. We have written more on a blog post to help you here.

Scented or Non-Scented?

Cats tend to prefer unscented cat litter to scented cat litter. Fun fact – a cat’s sense of smell is even more sensitive than some dog breeds! So go for the unscented litter, but if you are worried about a smell in your home, our pine-fresh Kittilitt cat litter will absorb that scent and is 100% natural.The wood pellet litter will never smell while there are still pellets to soak up your cat’s business.


We humans prefer to have a soft bath mat in our bathroom; our cats are the same. Bentonite clay – although popular – is not eco-friendly and is on the expensive side. Silica is a cheaper alternative but less efficient. However, wood pellet cat litter is ecologically sound and 100% natural – but check that it is made and sourced in the UK – as Kittilitt is.

Low Dust

This isn’t just important for your floors and furniture, but it is very important to remember as you want to keep your cat’s lungs clean and dust-free. It is also something to bear in mind if someone in your household has asthma. Kittilitt is virtually dust free – from the first time topping up your cat’s litter box, right until you clean it all out two weeks later.

Quick & Easy to Clean Out

You don’t want to be constantly cleaning out your cat’s litter tray, and spending a good few minutes doing it each time. A good quality wood pellet litter only needs to be changed completely every two weeks. Ideally, you should spot-clean your cat litter tray every day. You will need to scoop out the cat poo and some of the sawdust daily when cleaning the wood pellet litter box.

Low Tracking

Nobody wants to have unclean, cat litter tracked around the house everyday. A wood pellet cat litter does not get spread around the house like other types due to the litter being too large to get stuck in cats paws. Additionally, it absorbs all liquid and odours and crumbles into sawdust, which settles at the bottom of the litter box. The fresh wood pellets remain on the top. There are special sifting litter boxes on the market that remove the sawdust automatically.

Cost Effective

You don’t need your cat to cost you the world – and certainly not their litter tray! You can get special sifting litter boxes which are designed to compliment good quality wood pellet litter. Brit-Pet is the perfect partner for Kittilitt with their clever sieve system, allowing the wet litter to collect to the base tray for easy cleaning.

✅  Saves 60% on litter
✅  No tracking
✅  Eliminates odour
✅  Eco-friendly

100% Natural & Eco-Friendly

How many options on the market can say their litters are 100% natural? Kittilitt can. Kittilitt is grown in the UK, made from environmentally sound, locally-sourced virgin timber, at our very own pellet plant in Scotland. This gives us total quality control – we know where the wood comes from and how the litter is made. We replant all the wood we harvest – and we have a recycling scheme for your used Kittilitt bags.

Kittilitt is accredited with the only globally-recognised badge for sustainability.


With a wealth of experience and knowledge in this market, we understand you and your feline friends need a product you can rely on and won’t cost the world. Kittilitt won’t let your cats down – its for them to do their business … naturally!