Kittilitt and Cats Protection

Kittilitt and Cats Protection

06 June 2024

Kittilitt has supported Cats Protection since 2020 and is delighted to announce that it now officially partners the charity.

Cats Protection helps 400 cats a day and successfully re-homes approximately 30 thousand cats to new owners each year. The charity helps 150 thousand cats a year across all of its work.

Official centres across the UK have been using Kittilitt for the cats in their care since 2020. The reasons they use it?…that’s simple – because it is:

🇬🇪 Grown in Britain
✅ 100% sustainable
✅ 100% natural
✅ Highly absorbent
✅ Dust-free

…and it has a free used-bag recycling scheme ♻️

Kittilitt has grown as a brand, and is now the UK’s favourite wood pellet cat litter. It has established a strong relationship with Cats Protection, leading to this official partnership.

Kittilitt and Cats Protection

By using Kittilitt for your own cat, you’re not just keeping your cat happy; you are also supporting the vital work of this national charity. Kittilitt gives 12p for every bag sold to support the crucial work of Cats Protection.

Kittilitt and Cats protection

By using Kittilitt, you’re not only ensuring your cat has a safe environment to do their business, you are also directly impacting the welfare of cats thanks to the work of Cats Protection. Kittilitt is incredibly proud to be part of this partnership, contributing to the well-being of cats in need.


Kittilitt is a wood-pellet cat litter made from environmentally sound, locally-sourced virgin timber, at our very own pellet plant in Scotland. This gives us total quality control – we know where the wood comes from and how the litter is made. This provides a high-quality, cost-effective litter for cats to do their business… naturally!

♻️ To find out more about Kittilitt’s recycling scheme, contact us on 01465 716025

It’s a breeze! We can send you a couple of bags or various pallet sizes. Simply order online and get Kittilitt delivered to your door!