630 cats lost on roads everyday

630 cats lost on roads everyday

31 January 2022

630 cats lost on roads everyday in the UK every day – but should owners train them to go for walks on leads?

The founder of the world’s largest animal welfare organisation, Ingrid Newkirk, wants to ban cat flaps to avoid so many cats losing their lives on UK roads. Newkirk said ‘putting the cat out’ might once have been acceptable but is now a no-no unless your garden is escape-proof.

In her new book, ‘250 Vital Things Your Cat Wants You to Know‘, Newkirk quotes a US vet who says ‘at least 85% of the thousands of cats treated over 40 years were brought in by owners who let them roam.’

British-American Newkirk, who set up People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal in 1980, said 630 cats lost on roads everyday.

She urged owners to train them to go for walks on leads and added: ‘People wouldn’t open the door and let a toddler wander into the road.’

Every day cats are run over, poisoned, or die at the hands of juveniles out for a lark because owners do just that. We should try to keep them at home with views to enjoy, things to play with and your love and attention.

But is this a cruel idea? Some might say that cats are ‘free-spirited’ and some owners prefer cats to dogs for exactly this reason. It is difficult to train a cat. Your favourite cat is aloof and lives life on his or her own terms – so why should we interfere with that?

The best thing you can do for your cat is give it the best freedom you can. Give it a natural life and the best you can give.

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